by Leading Last

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released November 18, 2010

Kyle Richards - Vocals
Tom Robles - Guitars
Andrew Jay Pants - Bass
Ryan Gude - Drums



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Leading Last Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Leading Last is a 5-piece experimental rock band that spawned out of Northwestern Iowa. Stomach spewing lyrics derived from imaginative concept writing, driving guitars, solo bass, and catchy percussion drive their fans. Recently joining the Roster of Creative Representation (, this group strives to stay color outside the lines. ... more

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Track Name: Pouring

Writing should be a pouring out like rain drops fall from the sky.
So why is writing so hard?
Why do I try?

Testifying your love (again and again) screaming it aloud.
Only inerrant truth is dense enough to fall from clouds.
Lies are light and loosely held, at least for me, I hope for you.
But appear to hang low in the sky, being seen and seemingly true.

You must look up to see the clouds, which give us the rain,
But we are used to searching blinding in mists, yielding only pain.

We don’t look up, we can’t anyways.
The fog doesn’t allow the sane.
Like glaring through a window-pane as condensation has hidden the plain.

You scrutinize too much the world in which you flirt.
The truth that falls from the sky is on deaf ears and strikes the dirt.
You’re like the church Christ saved—a whore,
Constantly lifting your skirt at every opportunity (any sin you see).
How much is enough?
When will you come back to me?

Have you had you’re fill?
I’m trying to kill the thing that is making you miserable.
Track Name: Godzilla
Let’s talk this out.
You know it’s in my blood to voice all my negative doubt.
Breathe in, breathe out.
My contradictions make me scream silence.

There is nothing that can satisfy your soul.
I am skeptical of all the information you have been holding from me.

Hush, Hush

All is well and everything is all right
Still trying to fix something all through the night.
If there is nothing wrong with me, my mind must be bored.
With life and love around me, I am still torn.

Let’s talk this out.
You know it’s in my blood to voice all my innocent doubt.
Breathe in, breathe out.
My contradictions make me scream silence.
Track Name: Hemlock
I wanna see miracles in my hands.
I wanna see miracles, not just sand.

I’d glimpse at your face, but you’re in the shade.
I look at your face, but you look away.

Get up, Get up.
You won’t be the last one.
Get up, come on.
You’re feeling fine.
Get up, stand up, come on now walk around.
You thought you owned this place when you were…

Sleeping where you don’t belong.
And You laugh at what you think is wrong. (x4)
Sleeping where you don’t belong.
And You laugh at what you know is wrong. (x3)
You’re not welcome in the bed you sleep in.
You’re just knee deep in your sin.

Why won’t you give me the desires of my heart.
I’m telling you the truth!
My passions aren’t the conceited parts.

Look down to earth and see the guilty.
I’m alive, but I can see clearly you’re not doing well.


Look to the sky.
Why do those people deserve to fly?
Why won’t they die?
Look at the ground and nearer at your bones.
We’re all alone!
Alone with the stones.
Track Name: Treading
There is no need for us to miss the ground in water while we tread.
As long as our legs extend, we will float and avoid becoming dead.
No need to fear the water that we’re wading in.
No kind of depth can take us as long as we can swim

I think I’m leagues under the sea,
But I’m on the surface breathing quite normally.
Just you and me.
Temptation and desire is all that has thrown my heart below my kicking paddle knees.

The doubt I have is in my head—
A spiraling staircase that leads to a bed of no rest;
At best, just a place to fornicate with my own distress.

And as I lay down with my own crown,
My unpleasant chest, house of wheezing lungs is proof that my heart pumps blood without hope of a home.
But I have one, despite my disbelief.

(I’m) Questioning (my) convictions—
I’m reluctant to even think!
Put God in these oceans,
A container with fitting limits.
(Then I’ll believe…then I’ll believe.)

Oh no, oh no!
Where has my mind gone?
Oh no, oh no!
My beliefs are thoughts that logic has frowned on.
Oh no, oh no!
The lifeguards I built are drowning.
Yes! God You’re astounding.
Fix me.

Child, you cannot swim until you’re still.
My child, either rest or be ill.